IntegraPOS Remote Care

IntegraPOS Remote Care is a service which remotely manages your information technology (IT) infrastructure such as POS terminals, manager workstations, and other network devices to help maintain and ensure a secure and reliable system with maximum uptime.

Whether you are the owner/operator of a single unit or a manager responsible for thousands of sites, maintaining your POS system is important for serving your customer. IntegraPOS Remote Care is a hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web-based proactive IT Life Cycle management offering designed to perform routine IT maintained tasks and proactively monitor your POS system to keep it running at peak performance. Through the use of software agents deployed at the client site, Integra Systems can remotely monitor and manage the client's systems, including the following components:

• Asset monitoring and reporting (hardware and software)
• Proactive monitoring of your system's hardware health
• Microsoft® Windows® profile management
• Secure remote access with a two factor authorization
option to meet PCI requirements
• POS and 3rd party application monitoring with self-healing
• Microsoft® Operating System security patch management
• Enterprise managed antivirus
• Disaster backup and recovery

Improved POS System Up-time

Proactive monitoring of your systems helps resolve little problems before they

Reduce IT Headaches for Store Managers

Remote Care takes care of the routine IT tasks that burden your store management, which allows them to spend time servicing your customers.

Ensures Compliance with Security Regulations

Remote Care monitors your system to make sure your system is up to date on the most current security patches, which helps you stay compliant with PCI requirements.

Easy Installation

A small software agent self-installs on the devices to be monitored and no other software is necessary to install.

Asset Monitoring and Reporting

Provides reporting on individual machines, sites or across the entire organization of Hardware, Software and Assets changes.

Hardware Health

Proactive monitoring of hardware (POS and back office computers) to identify issues before they cause a failure.

Microsoft Windows® Profile Management

Monitor and manage Windows profile to optimize performance.

Enterprise Antivirus (optional)

Deployment and management of antivirus applications from a central location.

Operating System Security Patch Management

Performs operating system patch scans at predefined intervals to ensure critical operating system patches are completed within 30 days of release as required by PCI

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