Payment Processing


In conjuction with Heartland payment solutions we can help merchants streamline payment processing operations.

Leading-edge solutions inside hundreds of POS systems, and offer innovative applications to improve payment processing performance using cash registers and terminals. Our technology drives fast, reliable, and secure transactions for thousands of restaurant, retail, and specialized businesses.

We offer affordable internet protocol (IP) or dial-up processing for credit, debit, PIN debit, EBT, check, loyalty, and gift card transactions. We include, for free, 24/7 live support, detailed online reports, gift card transactions, and a full host of "fresh thinking" services to streamline everyday business management.

• Built-in payment processing technology

• Web portal with real-time transaction reporting, daily deposit details, and monthly statements

• Store and Forward guaranteed continuous processing

• Easy enrollment in 24-48 hours

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance

• High-speed internet (IP)

• Competitive rates

For immediate assistance with merchant accounts, Call: 1.888.406.8026






  Payment Solutions

Heartland enables cost-efficient payment processing from the point-of-sale, electronic cash register, or terminal. Solutions support all payment types.


  Live 24x7 Support

Support team is here to answer your calls and emails 24/7, including holidays.



    Internet Backup

Backup solution for high-speed internet processing automatically switches to dial-up processing if the internet disconnects.


Other Services



    Gift Cards

Gift transactions help merchants start a new revenue center. Getting started is easy with custom or pre-designed cards



  Transaction Reporting

Heartland portal provides up-to-the minute transaction reports, as well as intelligent data and customized resources to streamline operations.



  Proactive Support

Smart alerts us of processing irregularities, so we know when merchants need help