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Attune digital drive-thru communications system.


The only digital drive-thru communications system with Panasonic's world renowned audio and wireless digital expertise – for clear and consistent communications with both customers and employees. Engineered to optimize audio transmission technology, Attune helps you improve order accuracy for better profitability, decreasing total cost of ownership. Scalable, customizable and easy to program, Attune offers an exclusive feature set providing enhanced functionality and better overall operation management capabilities.

Trust Panasonic to introduce a better benchmark in performance for digital drive-thru communications systems.


DECT Voice Technology Wireless Headsets

Attune delivers better digital performance and expert spread spectrum design. Operating on a restricted 1.9 Ghz band, with a regulated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) voice technology protocol, Attune delivers interference free communications with no FCC fee required.

And unlike other systems, Attune provides exceptional reception and sound quality through the use of true digital packet diversity, virtually eliminating communication dead spots and signal fading.



  • • Battery life up to 25 hours
  • • Universal battery and charger function
  • • RoHS compliant lithium-ion batteries
  • • Batteries cannot overcharge
  • • Fast charge time of 5 min to 4 hrs
  • • Retains programming even when the battery runs out.

Reliable and Durable

  • • Pressure limiters surround buttons and seal to order taker frame to protect from over-use and order reliability
  • • Water and puncture resistant enclosure protects internal circuitry and components
  • • Full duplex mode operation allows you to hear the customer at all times
  • • User buttons with finger guides have proven, highly reliable positive-feel contact switches
  • • Advanced Digital Noise Reduction virtually eliminates ambient noise from drive-thru communications
  • • Echo canceller ensures clearer communication with no background echo interference

Programming Ease

  • • User-friendly base station makes initial set up and telephone troubleshooting fast and easy
  • • No base station adjustments needed
  • • Operate up to 30 order takers per base station
  • • Order takers retain programming even when the battery runs out of charge
  • • Function buttons are customizable to match existing drive-thru systems